Borborbor is the most popular style of recreational music in the Volta Region. It links traditional drumming rhythms with proverbial lyrics that frequently include Christian themes. It is the ultimate blend of old and new. Borborbor is often played at celebrations and funerals. Borborbor drummers weave moderate beats while women dancers and singers revolve around them. Women singers carry two white handkerchiefs that they twirl in the air at the end of a drumming period. A bugle may be used to add spice to the music. There is usually one song leader who will sing the first line of a song and lead the people from one song to the next by combining the meanings of different songs in unique ways to evoke the spirit of the particular occasion. Everyone in the community may participate in these performances which usually begin at dusk and can continue well into the night and even until dawn. Borborbor dance is very suggestive and many boy-girl liaisons develop during these events.  



Kpando Borborbor Group
Kpando is birthplace of borborbor. This group is lead by the distinguished borborbor guru Koku Nuatro, and is irresistibly upbe

            (1) Lion Doesn't Walk in Haste

            (2) The Cock is Crowing "New Life!"

Ho Anlokodzi Dunenyo Borborbor Group
Ho is the regional capital of the Volta Region. The Anlokodzi group has an album called Kekeli which literally means “daylight”. Their music is filled with dirges backed by the smoothest beat around.

            (1) One of My Sheep

            (2) Notorious Child Come Home

            (3) Mother! Mother!

Taviefe Dunenyu Borborbor Group
Taviefe is the town where BRIDGE is presently working on youth development and education projects. The town borborbor group has some of the livliest rhythms around, and by far totes the most gifted bugle player.

            (1) Love Each Other

            (2) I Will Be Remembering You

Wli Asiko Borborbor Group
From the town of the famous Wli Waterfalls, the Asiko Group is comprised with members of all ages giving it a unique, youthful sound.

            (1) Anything You Put Your Heart Into Won't Spoil

            (2) Open the Gate So I Can Get In


Tokokoe Akaye Group
Tokokoe is the Volta town well known for their devout Pentecostal church. People all over the region may be taken to Tokokoe if they are seriously ill because of their reputation as healers. The Akaye group is composed of all women singers and uses the rattle extensively in their music.

            (1) I will Be With Christ