· 2330 Massachusetts Av. NW, Washington D.C. 20008 ( (US) +1.202.468.8833; (FR)+33.673-43-85.25; (GR)+; +30.210.751.1573 · elena.panaritis@alumni.insead.edu; epanaritis@jhu.edu



Leading expert in the design and implementation of policy reforms promoting social cohesion and economic development. Specialty in structuring innovative reform models on formalization of property rights; public-private sector partnerships; government modernization; in creating markets in illiquid assets.

Advised countries on economic, financial, and legal policies; involved in strategy design for the re-insertion of Latin American economies into the world-economy in the early 1990s.

Extensive experience in teaming with senior stakeholders – Ministers of Finance, Economics, Privatization, Foreign Affairs, the Congress, private sector leaders of various nations and Managing Directors of major investment banks– Acknowledged internationally for innovative and creative outcomes.





JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, The Paul H Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

Adjunct Professor – Co-Teach with Francis Fukuyiama “Social Capital and Development,” 2002 to present


UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, The Wharton School – Philadelphia, PA, 2001 to present

Visiting Lecturer

·              Lecture “International Housing Comparison – Property Rights”


THE WORLD BANK, Washington, DC, 1991                                                                                             

Economist advisor; market development, 2001 to present

Economist, Public/Private Sector Management Specialist:  Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Department; Public/Private Sector Modernization Unit; Latin America and other regions, 1997- 2001

Manage loans for the implementation of these policies.  

·              Monitored the property rights reforms in the Philippines.

·              Developed privatization model for real estate widely accepted in 7 countries around the world:  Results: about five times the returns of regular corporate privatizations

·              Managed and designed a $ 66 million program on urban real estate in Peru

Results: over 6 million beneficiaries are incorporated in the market with asset value estimated at US$ 4 billion, in less than three years; -- “Best Practice” and “Innovation” classifications from both the World Bank and the US Government.  The project includes the design of both new financial products and new financial intermediaries, aimed at potential borrowers without prior credit history. URL for details www.worldbank.org\lacproperty  &  www.worldbank.org/developmentnews/archives/html/jan31-feb4-00.htm#2-2

·              Designed Government Modernization programs -best practice- for effective public service delivery to citizens

·              Led Judicial Reform projects e.g. in Trinidad and Tobago, for efficient service delivery

·              Constructed reform programs creating new regulatory environment to foster private sector development.

·              Designed sector adjustment loans in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, East Africa, Asia and Latin America

·              Structured $15 million Housing Finance project for Algeria

·              Designed loan conditions for $100 million Postal/Banking Sector Financial Services reform in Morocco


Economist:    Private Sector Development Division, Latin America and other geographic regions, 1994-1997

·              Advised on the design of Government Reform programs for better public service delivery.

·              Managed a ¥155.2 million Japanese funding for the implementation of the Peru privatization program.

·              Authored papers on the creation of new markets, property privatization, and institutional reforms.


Regional Analyst: Country Operations Division, 1991-1993

·              Deputy Country Officer for Peru: Supervised Privatization and the Debt Restructuring programs for the reinsertion of the country in the world economy; maintained the dialogue between Bank and client.

·              Managed Privatization Programs of Latin American countries.

·              Drafted conditions for Structural Adjustment Lending for Latin American countries -Peru, Brazil, Venezuela- on Macro adjustments and on Privatization Structural Lending in Peru.

Results: Peru, Brazil, and Venezuela successfully paid arrears and followed reforms. 200 State owned enterprises were privatized in 1993-1994 for more than 5 billion dollars of revenue.

·              Designed and implemented innovative model for real estate privatization in Peru, which resulted in a record 150,000 privatized properties in a year. 

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INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France, 2003

Masters in Business Administration


HARVARD UNIVERSITY, Boston, Massachusetts, 2001

         The John F. Kennedy School of Government,

         Executive Program 

         “Global Financial Markets and Crisis”


THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)

          M.A. in International Economics and European Studies,     Washington, DC, 1991                                                               Masters Diploma in International Economics, Bologna, Italy, 1990

·              Taught graduate students in advanced macroeconomics


THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF GREECE, Athens, Greece, 1989       

         B.A. in Economics

·              President of the Economics Society and of the International Debating Team.



·              Fluent: English, Spanish, French, Italian; Native: Greek; Basic: German



·              Awarded “Best Practice” and “Innovation” from The World Bank

·              Awarded Honorary US residency on the basis of Professional Outstanding Performance in the area of creation of new markets (on property rights - real estate)

·              Awarded the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies Fellowship

·              Awarded with Distinction the Bachelor’s of Art degree in Economics



·       Writing a book on “How Property Rights Foster Wealth and Democracy: The Peru Story”

·       Freelance photographer, Tango dancing aficionada, enjoy swimming and water sports

·       Enjoy gourmet cooking, Porto wine, meeting people, and discovering hidden elements of countries’ history



Bear Stearns & Company Inc. – Judith Albert

EBRD Chief Economist - Willem Buiter

EBRD Deputy Chief Economist (former) – Ricardo Lago

ETOLIAN CAPITAL partner- George Hanjinicolaou

INSEAD professors - finance:  Pierre Hillion and Jean Dermine; Organizational Behavior:  Luis Jose Alvarez

JP Morgan MD Latin America (former) - Carl Muñana

Merrill Lynch, MDMichaela Trezek

Peru Republic, Vice President and Minister of Privatization (former) – Jaime Yoshiyama,

                            Ministers of Economy and Finance (former) - Effraim Goldenberg and Carlos Bologna

President of University of New Brunswick ­in Canada– John McLaughlin

President of the Institute of Liberty and Development and AuthorHernando de Soto

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania­ ­–­ Susan Wachter (former HUD Undersecretary,)

                                                                                    Bulent Gultekin 

World Bank- IFC: Issam Abousleyman, Michael Ayoub, John Balafoutis, Harry Broadman, Pedro Belli,

                                  Krishna Challa, Roberto Dañino (Senior Vice President of Legal Department), Christian

                                  Delvois (Director), Marcelo Giugales (Director), Marco Mantovanelli, Gary Reid,

                                  Michael Sarris (Director), Marco Scuriatti, Lorenzo Savorelli



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·              "Structure and Basic Elements of an Efficient Government," presented at the seminar "Options for Modernizing the State", World Bank - Peruvian Congress, Lima, Peru, June 1995

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