Adaklu Mountain Tourism Committee Profiles

Emile Akoto, Chairman

Emile is the committee Chairman. He is from Adaklu-Abuadi which is the Paramount town for the entire Adaklu traditional area. He leads committee meetings and works closely with community leaders living outside of Adaklu. He sits on the Proposal Writing Sub-Committee which plans projects and solicits outside organizations for funding. He also oversees the largest village homestay operation in the area which has the capacity to house touring groups of twenty individuals.

Bismark Agbeve, Volta Coordinator

Bismark is the Volta Coordinator and spends much of his time traveling to other communities outside of the mountain area to inform different groups and communities about the ecotourism project. He has been a counterpart for the past three years for undergraduate students visiting the area who work with projects in Adaklu. He also sits on the Proposal Writing Sub-Committee. He is from Adaklu-Tokor and has worked extensively as a homestay host for ecotourism travelers.

Malwine Gamakunu, Community Public Relations Officer

Malwaine is a Community PR Officer and spends much of her time mobilizing and working with different groups within the Adaklu communities. She has helped train tour guides, local cooks, and homestay hosts. She is from Adaklu-Kordiabe and has organized local drumming groups that provide entertainment. She is responsible for making sure that these groups get compensated for their jobs. She listens to community grievances and works through the ecotourism committee and Chieftancy to resolve any potential conflicts at the local level.

Gershen Koffie, Secretary

Gershen is the committee Secretary and keeps all committee minutes at monthly meetings. He is also responsible for sending out letters to the Chieftancy, District Assembly, and other community and national leaders. He is also the third co-signer for the committee bank account and works with the Treasurer and Chariman to ensure that funds are allocated appropriately. He is from Adaklu-Agblefe.

Timothy Nukunu, Treasurer

Timothy is the Treasurer and keeps records of committee transactions at monthly meetings. He receives money and receipts that accumulate at the Welcome Center throughout the month from transactions with travelers. He records and distributes payments to local workers including the tour guides, homestay hosts, cooks, and entertainment drumming groups. He is from Adaklu-Sikama.

Kofi Sammy, Regional Public Relations Officer

Kofi is one of the Regional PR Officers and travels to the regional capital, Ho, twice every month to promote the ecotourism project. He helped design a local brochure and distributes them to hotels and restaurants throughout the area. He helped design and erect several signboards around Ho and makes sure they are maintained. He is from Adaklu-Avanyaviwofe which is historically known as the first settlement around the mountain.

Elias Deh, Community Public Relations Officer

Elias is one of the Community PR officer and has worked extensively in mobilizing community groups to maintain the mountain trails which become especially overgrown during the two rainy seasons. Elias has also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer counterpart-liaison for several years. He is well-known throughout Adaklu for his extensive knowledge of Adaklu Mountain with its hidden bat caves and secret passages which few dare to travel. He is from Adaklu-Goefe.

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Simon Akpator, Regional Public Relations Officer

Simon is one of the Regional PR Officers who travels to Ho to distribute literature about the mountain to promote the project. He sits on the Proposal Writing Sub-Committee. He also holds one of the highest regional administrative postitions for the Ghanaian school system.


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Prosper Agbo, Welcome Center Administrator

Prosper is the Welcome Center Administrator and is in charge of welcoming travelers who visit Adaklu. He explains the options available for ecotours, homestays, and entertainment. He receives money, writes receipts, and links travelers with local tour guides who will then lead them to their homestay destination or to the mountain tour guides. He transfers all income and receipts at the monthly committee meetings to the Treasurer. He is from Adaklu-Helekpe.

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Dela Acquah, International Contact Person

Dela is the BRIDGE's primary Contact Person and is in charge of relaying messages between us and our partner organizations in the area. He sends out semi-annual progress reports and funding proposals. He also serves as a Local Public Relations Officer and works closely with community groups and the Chieftancy.